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Livonia Family Medicine

Lisa A. Brawley, M.D.

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About Us
Dr. Brawley grew  up and lives in Livonia.  She went to medical school at Michigan State.  She has specialty training in Public Health, Women's Medicine and Opioid Addiction.

·         Your preventive health care and the treatment of chronic
medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension can all be
cared for you by Dr. Brawley. 

·        Dr. Brawley sees children, men and women of all ages herself, you will not be passed off to anyone else.  If you do require future follow-up by a specialist her extensive network will ensure you don't have to be seen by someone who is a stranger to your doctor.



·         She treats abnormal pap smears, problem periods
and hormonal imbalances.


·         Appointments can be arranged quickly and without
an automated answering service.

·        You can receive treatment for minor emergencies and acute illnesses as well as minor dermatology issues.


·        You can get her personal assistance with opioid addiction. 
Dr. Brawley is certified to prescribe Suboxone.