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Opioid Addiction Disease



No one intends to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Drug addicts or alcoholics are often intelligent, creative, compassionate people with great potential and a lot of hope for the future. 
What are some of your strong points? What have you wanted to do that you have not been able to do because of addiction?
However for some reason people become unable to cope with the stresses of their lives on their own and turn to drugs or alcohol to help them deal with problems.  They may be depressed, having financial problems, have lost a loved one, gotten divorced, lost a job, have a lot of physical pain, done poorly in school or their career.  There are a lot of reasons for people to get overly stressed and find themselves unable to deal with it.
What are some of the stresses or problems that may have led to addiction?
Drugs or alcohol temporarily relieves the stress or anxiety and bad feelings they experience.  They may find drugs or alcohol helps them relax, be more social, make friends or fit in.  They may find that drugs give them more energy or helps them sleep better. The person begins to use drugs or alcohol to help with their situation.  Drugs and alcohol lessen both physical and emotional pain at least temporarily.  When people use alcohol and drugs they have found a way to help them deal with their problem.
What are some other ways you can deal with stress?
Although drugs and alcohol provide a temporary solution to the problem, they cause other problems in the long run: financial, legal, on the job, job loss, loss of promotions, loss of pay raises, excessive absenteeism, personal problems, isolation, loss of friends, loss of spouse, arguments and estrangement from family.
What are some of the problems your drug use has caused you?
Soon, the person’s entire focus becomes centered on using drugs and getting more drugs regardless of the financial or personal cost.  They sacrifice everything in order to avoid the pain of withdrawal and the problems they are running from.  They feel guilt and shame about using drugs but cannot stop using them.  
How does your drug use make you feel?
Eventually most drug users eventually get treatment, get arrested, or loose everything that is important to them, or die from complications of drug and alcohol use.
How do you think your life will end up if you continue using drugs?

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