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Over the years we have worked with a variety of theatre groups.  Following are some of our favourite shows we have worked on with those groups.

Dr. Brawley as Sam in Our Town

Schoolcraft College

This is where it all started.

Dr. Brawley has performed in many productions with Schoolcraft as well as costumed quite a few plays over the decade she was involved with them

Richard Holland performed in Othello, Nightwatch and Our Town.  The photos from that era were not digital, sorry.

Barefoot Productions

The only play we have been directly involved in was Agatha Christie's Black Coffee.  It was the only play that featured Hercule Poriot.  Barefoot has done good work and we have been happy to support and promote them

as we could over the years.

Detroit Fringe Forward Festival

It was our great pleasure to direct the world premiere of The Audition by local playwright Maureen Paraventi.  With Maureen's permission we filmed this and it can be viewed here.  


Spotlight was our first venture into community theatre

Our first show there was Arsenic and Old Lace.  Spotlight is also were we started directing plays.  Our directorial debut was the Pulitzer Prize winning Crimes of the Heart which was the first play Spotlight did in the Biltmore Room.  We later went on to direct Curse of the Hopeless Diamond and the sell out Trouble in Silver City.

Park Players

TLC Productions

We began with Park Players by directing a play called Rehearsal for Murder and then went on to produce The Addams Family A new Musical Comedy.  It was an impressive performance by some very talented people.  Dr. Brawley played Grandma Addams and can be seen 27 seconds into the video below.

TLC is a wonderful company that works to keep original theater alive in the Canton area.  They have produced many innovative projects including several One Act Festivals, some  24 hour script to stage events.  The three principles have also written several original musicals.

clocking out.jpg

Dr. Brawley as Mrs. Prescott in

The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree

Inspire Theatre

Most of our recent work has been done here.

Inspire Theatre is where we directed one of our favorite shows,
Cripple of Inishmann
by Martin McDonagh.  

This is how you save live theatre when mistakes happen, haha  All the credit goes to Dr. Brawley for staying in character

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