Dr. Brawley grew up and lives in Livonia.  She went to medical school at Michigan State.  She has specialty training in Public Health, Women's Medicine and Opioid Addiction.
Preventative Health

Your preventive health care and the treatment of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension can all be cared for you by
Dr. Brawley


Women's Medicine

In addition to regular pap smears and contraceptive issues, Dr. Brawley treats abnormal pap smears, problem periods and hormonal imbalances

Opioid Addiction

Dr. Brawley has been treating people who have opioid addiction for over ten years.  Her experience in this field can help you get your life back on track.


You may also come here for treatment of minor dermatology issues as well as acute illnesses.  If you do require follow up by a specialist she will refer to someone she feels is best for your condition.  Dr. Brawley is not affiliated with any hospital so you are free to go where you want. 


Livonia Family Medicine   16991 Farmington Road 
Livonia, MI  48154
Phn 734-425-9551
Fax 734-425-9557

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